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Where do I get the latest version of Craftbukkit?

This is where you can always find the latest recommended version of Craftbukkit. Please keep in mind that these change quickly and from time to time may get ahead of the plugin's compatibility.  It is always best to use recommended builds, other Craftbukkit builds may have errors or compatibility issues that you are not aware off, and most plugin developers, design their plugin to the Recommended Builds only.

How do I tell the version of Craftbukkit and Essentials?

If you downloaded Craftbukkit from the link above then you should know your version. If you look at the console it will also tell you the version of all plugins.

How often should I update my plugins and Craftbukkit?

Different people do it different ways, but you should always update Craftbukkit any time you update any plugins. Plugins are updated based on the newest build of CB, so installing a new build of a plugin with an old Craftbukkit will most likely cause it to break.


How do I customise Essentials messages or change message/broadcast colours?

To change Essentials messages, you can create a 'locale' file, to override or change any message you like.
Details on that can be found in the Locale guide.

How do I stop the 10 second teleport timer?

The setting is in the Essentials config.yml. *teleport-delay: 0*
If it is not there, then just add this line.

Essentials is in the wrong language. How do I change it?

There is a setting in the Essentials config.yml. Find out more about the locale setting here.

How do I make it so different users have different coloured names?

You can configure Essentials to modify displaynames and chat formatting. Find out more about chat formatting here.

I am getting a 'UnsupportedClassVersionError' error when trying to start plugins, what is this?

This error typically means that you are running an older version of Java that we do not support. You need at least Java 6 to run Essentials. More information here.

I can't color my message by setting suffix after installing EssentialsChat for 2.9.2 and up!

In 2.9.2, the bug where you could use the suffix setting in plugins to color the message, causing problems was fixed. instead use the formats in the Essentials config.yml to add the message color.

I can't create xxx type of signs in version 2.9.x and up!

In 2.9.x all signs are now disabled by default. On or about line 264 starts the 'enabledSigns' section. Remove the comments (#) before the sign to which you would like to enable.

Group Manager

How do I give a user or group the ability to use certain commands?

Essentials comes packaged with the Group Manager plugin. For information on setting this up, check out the GroupManager Guide.

The group config file keeps resetting, how to I change it?

Group Manager re-saves its current copy on reload and every 10 minutes. If you want to make changes you can disable auto saving, or request a manual load (/manload)


When I start my server, I get YAML errors?

If the server throws a YAML error to the server console the hint as to what is wrong is detailed in the error. It typically highlights a line number it thinks is wrong. Check your YAML file for typos and indentation errors.
If you see the log say '\t', then you used tabs. Replace any tabs you have with four spaces.
If you still need help come to IRC


Can I use previously generated warp files in Essentials?

If the warps are saved to .txt format you can move that file into the plugins/Essentials folder and it will be loaded, but there is no way to convert MyWarp files at this time.

I currently use a permissions system, can I use Essentials?

Essentials is compatible with PermissionBukkit/PermissionsEx/BukkitPermissions and other permission plugins, you will simply need to add the correct command nodes and make sure you don't have EssentialsGroupMananger.jar and EssentialsGroupBridge.jar. You could also convert to Group Manager, which comes pre-configured for Essentials.